Consent Management at eKool

Consent Management was added to the eKool in September 2021. It was prepared in accordance with the requirements set by GDPR. Consent Management is part of the Services of the Basic Package. 

If the consent requested for a student is still unconfirmed by the parents, it is equivalent to refusal - without the addition of a clear confirmation, there is no consent for the processing of the personal data of the pupil for this specific purpose. All openings, approvals, and refusals of the Consent List will be logged. The log is available for the school.

Consents shall be added and formulated by each school and shall be responsible for their clarity and comprehensibility.

To collect consent, it is good to know:

  • School management and class leader can add consent
  • Parents see the consent requested for their child under the child's profile
  • Consent can only be confirmed or withdrawn securely by an eKool logged-in user
  • School management and class manager have an overview of the consents in real-time
  • Consents can also be added to only one or more classes

To use the consent management option, we ask the school's eKool administrator to contact eKool