Termination of the Family Premium subscription

If your child finishes school, you want to cancel your Family Premium subscription. This can be done from your page in eKool.


Good to know

You can only cancel the Family Premiu with a recurring payment. The one-time payment plan will self-terminate if it is not renewed before the end date.

Ending the package means that no more payments will be triggered on the next payment day. The service can be used until its end date.

Termination of the Family Premium from eKooli

If you have ordered your Family Premium from the eKool website, you must log in to eKool to terminate it. To terminate the package:

  1. Open Additional Services from your page header
  2. Select Fet Family Premium
  3. Your currently valid package is displayed. If it is a recurring payment, in the same window you will also find a link to terminate the service End plan.

If you are not a subscriber to the Family Premium, but belong to the package as a family member, you cannot cancel it yourself.


Good to know

The Family Premium subscription is canceled by the family member who bought it.

Termination of the Family Premium in GooglePlay or AppStore

If you ordered Perepaket from the online store, please follow the instructions given to you in the online store.