Student: Frequently Asked Questions

The article collects questions that students have asked more often about eKool. Perhaps the answer to your question has already been answered here!

Q: Can I see my homework in eKool?

A: Yes, you can view your homework by clicking the icon on your Assignments page. You can see the upcoming tasks in the news feed, as the first information. You can read more in the article "...."

Q:   Can I see my grades and their history in eKool?

A: Yes, you can view your grades by clicking on the Grade Sheet icon. This will open a list of mark sheets and certificates. You can also view certificates from previous years, but only as long as you are a student at this school. Buyers of the family package can see grade analytics for all academic years. You can read more in the article "..."

Q:   Is the eKool app free for me?

A: In the eKool app, you can see grades, absences, and notifications, view the school's information flow and homework, and participate in conversations for free. The prerequisite for using the app is the role of a student or parent, you log into the app with the same user as in the web application. Family plan users can remove ads from the app. The services of the Perepaket are open to all children related to a parent who has activated the Perepaket.

Q:   What information can my parents see about me in eKool?

A: Parents can see their child's grades, absences, what was learned in class, and homework. They can see which tasks you have marked as done, and which files you have marked as a response to a task. They can give consent for their child. If the school uses a formative assessment certificate and parents' feedback is also expected, they can add their own comments to it. A parent can't see Messages their child is in.

Q:   When I turn 18, can I deny my parents access to my education information?

A: Yes, you can. Please contact your school's eKool administrator or formmaster. Your parents' access to your data will be terminated. It doesn't happen automatically, you have to be active yourself.

Q:   If I am 18 or older, can I submit a certificate of absence myself?

A: You can't. Note of absence is provided by the parents. If you are of legal age, but still studying, you still attend school and you can explain to the class teacher yourself why you were absent.

Q:   Can I see my timetable in eKool?

A: The timetables can be viewed in the eKool web application and app, provided that the school has added it to eKool. You can see the timetable by clicking on the timetable icon. If you do not see the timetable, the school (administrator, form-master) has not entered it.

Q:   If I've been sick, can I see what was done in class on eKoolis?

A: Yes. What was done in the lesson (lesson description) is also noted in eKool, and this information can be followed by pressing the Learning icon.