eKool messaging

In eKool messaging, anyone can initiate chats or send messages to those eKool users they are allowed to chat with. This article provides instructions on how to start a new chat in the browser, in the main eKool application, in the eKool app (if you have the role of student or parent) and in the eKool communication app (all roles). You will learn how to add and manage messages in the chat.

eKool conversations can be grouped into 3 categories:

  • Private chats - a conversation between two people.
  • Group chats - 3 or more participants.
  • Announcements - participants cannot reply to the group owner.

My conversations

In this article, “My conversations”, you can read more about how to start conversations and how to manage, edit and delete conversations you have started.


Participant in a conversation

The participant in the chat has different rights than the user who initiated the chat, the owner. Basically, a participant can only manage his/her own view and not the whole conversation.

For more information, see the article "Conversation participant".


Polls in conversations

Since May 2022 it is possible to have polls in conversations. To open a poll in a conversation you have to choose the poll icon. Polls are an eKool Base package service for schools. 

More information about polls can be found in the article "Polls in conversations


Contacts in messaging

The article gives an overview of who you can talk to, how to choose your recipients and what choices users with different roles can make. 

Contacts in messaging” , gives a better overview.


Messages sent by the school

Communication between school and home is important - although the students know what is happening at school, getting the information directly to the parents is very important, especially if the student is absent.

For more information, see the article - “Notices sent by the school”.