Adding a new user to eKool (student, parent)

To view or enter your information in eKool, you must be an eKool user. If a parent wants or the school requires their child to use eKool independently, as a student, they will need to add a new eKool user and then ask the school for access to their data as a student. 

The eKool username is an e-mail address. There cannot be more than one user with the same username, so it is up to the parent to add or help the child to get a personal email address. Often the school will provide the address for the child.

Creating a new user account

To register a new eKool account, go to the eKool website at:

eKool wants to know who you are? You can choose from secure authentication methods (Mobile ID, ID card, HarID or Smart ID) or, if you do not wish to introduce yourself securely at this time, choose to add a user with a password.

When you click the Create an Account button, a Personal Details form will open where you can enter your user account details:

  • user email address (this address will become your eKool username)
  • phone number (optional)
  • password
  • and the same password again.


eKool user password requirements:

  • eKool password must be at least 9 characters long.
  • The password must contain: at least one uppercase letter, at least one lowercase letter, at least one number. 
  • In addition, a special character may be used.

The password may contain "dotted letters" (õ, ä, ö, ü), but we recommend avoiding them.



Please read the eKool Terms of Services and Privacy Policy before proceeding with the creation of an eKool user account. By registering further, you agree to be bound by them.


Clicking on the button Next asks for personal details:

Enter First Name, Last Name and ID-code. If the ID-code is Estonian, the Date of Birth and Gender will be filled in automatically.

After clicking the button Next, user has to add their address.

Clicking on Create an Account will display information whether the creation of a new user account was successful or if the user already has an eKool account with the entered data.

If there is already a user added with such a personal ID or e-mail address, eLool will recognise you and in this case a message will be displayed that the user already exists!

If you already have an eKool user account, but would still like to register a new user, click on the link Create a new account using the same ID code. The recommendation is not to create a new account, but to remember your existing eKool username and password and to Log in with an existing user.


When registering your own eKool account, you may receive a notification that you may already have a user! Chances are that a personal ID or email address is already in use. Contact eKool customer support at They will help you to find out if you have an existing eKool account. If yes, they will help you to reactivate your old account.


However, if you are registering an eKool account for the first time, eKool will send an email to the email address you have provided, containing an activation key.


If you didn't receive an activation letter in your inbox - check that you typed your email address correctly! If not, you will have to start from the beginning.


You will find an email in your inbox saying that your registration was successful and that you need to confirm your email address. When you open the email, you will find a button Verify my address to confirm your email address.


The link in the email to complete your registration is only valid for 24 hours - so you should open your mailbox and read the email immediately. After 24 hours, you will have to start the registration process from the beginning.


Upon successful validation of the email address, a message Welcome to eKool will appear on the eKool page and click on the Go to login page to log in to eKool.

At the same time, a new email will be sent to your email account by eKool and you will be notified that your eKool account is ready.

When you open the email, you'll be welcomed as a new eKool user and given some useful guidance on how to get started with eKool. Depending on the role of the user (student, parent or school staff), select the guide for further action by clicking on the Continue reading link in the letter ->

Signing in to eKool

In order to log in to eKool, eKool wants to know who you are. You can choose between secure authentication methods (Mobile-ID, ID-card, HarID or Smart-ID authentication) or you can choose to log in with a Password.

For the password option, in the Username and Password field, please add the email address you used for registration and the added password.

Good to know!

Your eKool username is your email address.


When you log in for the first time, you will see an eKool notification to check and update your contact details. To send an application to the school, you will need to enter your home address in the contacts. To do this, click on the Go and update button.