Working with Materials

eKool has several alternatives to share materials. A teacher can add materials to Journal (attachments to Assessments, homework) or use the <Materials> environment.

1. To see and add materials click on the <Materials> icon and the materials screen will be opened.
2. Here you can add files using the button “Add files” on top. You need to choose the file and the target group(s) from the list (you have the right to share files)
3. Teachers can add links to other pages instead of uploading files.
4. Files can also be shared through journals. The teacher opens the journal and clicks <Show workplan / Materials for this journal>
5. You can reuse a file from the list under “Add from existing files” or download a new file from your computer by <Add new file>
6. You can also add materials to Homework and Assessments, those files will not be seen under <Materials> sections.