Add absences to the journal


In eKool, inserting absences is the subject teacher's task. That's different from the system in many countries. The teacher knows, who is present in his/her class and who is absent. 

Add absences

  1. Open journal
  2. To mark who were absent you need to choose the pupil and lesson from the grid and click, then a new detailed screen will be opened (the same one as the one you can use for changing a grade) and you just need to uncheck the “Present” check-box and choose the absence type from the drop-down list. The first reason is usually the “default” reason, which is set by the administrator. All students who are not absent, get automatically marked “present” in the database.
  3. To remove absence, the teacher has to click on the absence cell and click again on the “Present” checkbox.
  4. It’s also possible to mark absences after opening the lesson column (click on the column title) and add absence marks to different students at once. If Form-master has confirmed absence notes, the absence reason is added.
  5. It’s also possible to collect confirmed absences to make it easier to find out absent students, the teacher has to click on the “Get Absences” button. If a student is actually present, is possible to delete the collected reason.