Navigation in journal


Teachers' main work is done with journals. To find the journal you want to work with, you first have to select the school the journal belongs to. Journal's main part is the students' list with lessons, grades, and absences. Behind that list are useful tools, on the top of the journal teacher finds filters to change visible information. 

Navigation tips

Based on the set-up of the school curriculum, subject and roles, and rights the functionality might slightly differ for different persons in different schools.

  1. On the school page, you can see journals, other people in school, curricula, school events, and blog
  2. Choose the <Journal> you want to work with.
  3. You can view additional information about the Journal that might not be visible at first, please scroll down and choose the activity you need.
  4. Clicking on a student's name activity timeline for that student is displayed. Here you can see all grades and absences in that journal, and add <Notices> to the student. If that student was added school notifications or documents shared with teachers, they are visible on the student’s page.
  5. To go back to the list view click the <yellow icon> on the top left corner.
  6. To filter and print only specific types of information (<Aggregated Grades>, <Lessons>, <Tests>, <All marks> or <Absences>) use the filtering option on the top.
  7. To find students, who are left (from the journal, from the school) teacher has to use a filter, where the default selection is <Active students>.
  8. It is possible to filter journal entries by learning periods.
  9. Next from the journal is the lesson counter. The planned lesson number comes from a subject card (Curriculum). 
  10. To see grades and absences statistics scroll down and open the <Statistics> section
  11. To see and add notifications to students open the <Notification> section. It is possible to send notifications to some students or to all of them. Notifications are seen in students’ <Newsfeeds>. To send a notification click <Add notification> and a new screen will be opened. Here you can select the students who will receive the notification and write the notification.
  12. The <Lesson description> list contains lessons, assignments, homework, and aggregate grades. You can open each element click on it and edit or delete them.
  13. If you want to add a substitute teacher to the journal, you should open the <Substitutions list> and add a new substitution. A teacher can select a substitute teacher from the teacher’s list and select the reason for the substitution. This list is inserted by each school.
  14. If there are students, who are not on the student’s list, you can add them to the journal or remove picked students. This is possible on the journal page, open <Show picked students> and add new ones.
  15. A teacher can manage Materials directly from the journal, he/she clicks <Show work plan / Materials for this journal> and can deselect them or add new ones.