Grades: add, change, grade comments


  1. A teacher can add grades for an individual student or as a column to some or all students.
  2. To add a grade for the individual student you need to choose the pupil and lesson from the grid and click, then a new detailed screen will be opened. Click on “Add grade” opens form, where the teacher inserts grade and comment. If a grade you entered is not existing in the school’s grade schema, you will be warned and a list of correct grades is presented. You can collect grade comments to reuse them in this journal.
  3. To add grades for some students at once, a teacher needs to click on the column title – lessons or test date. You can add a comment to all grades.
  4. Each student can have 2 grades per lesson. To add next grade click on the + icon.
  5. If students have added an answer to assignment as a file, the teacher sees these files on this form and can open them with GooglePreview or download them.
  6. It is possible to collect comments for each journal and copy-pastes these comments between journals. If you paste a number of comments, these are divided by paragraph break as separate comments. You can manage these comments on the journal page. A teacher can stop or relaunch comments collection and offers by clicking the checkbox.
  7. To insert the Term or Annual grades you need to click on the column title and new form will be opened. Here you can see the grades student have received during the school period and the average grade. Insert the grades and comments (you can use same comments collection as for lesson grades) and click “Save” to save the changes.
  8. You can view and edit individual grades by simply clicking on the grade and a new detailed screen will be opened. There is icon for amend it. Grades that are amended later have * asterisk next to the grade. In the same form, you can delete grade. Information about deleting or changing grade will appear to student’s newsfeed. Term and Annual grade could be changed exactly same way as lesson grades.
  9. All grades adding, corrections, deletions and comments will be seen by the student and parent in the newsfeed for 30 days. For changed and deleted grades is possible to open their previous value. For each grade is shown the name of the teacher who added it, the time it was added, and the opportunity to open either the content of the related test or the description of the lesson.