Managing Absence notes

Managing absences has a very important part to help students to succeed.

  1. Parent finds a button to send information about his/her child’s absence reason to school on his/her page and also from a child’s page. The absence note is not accessible to children.
  2. The parent selects the child and fills the absence’s start and end day. He/she inserts text about the reason for absence and sends a note to the school. It is possible to send multiple notes about the same absence.
  3. Form-master sees a number of unconfirmed notes if he/she opens the My classes filter on the school’s page. Form-master opens the class Absences Journal and sees yellow marks next to these children's names, who have unconfirmed notes. Click on the child’s name opens the detail view, where Form-master can confirm the absence note or discard it. While Form-master chooses to discard notes, he/she can add an explanation.
  4. When the parent logs in eKool again, he/she can see in feed Form-master’s action with absence note – was it accepted or discarded, what were explanations.
  5. Full overview about sent notes and absences parent can open full view clicking in “show all” link in Quick References. A new window is opened and their parent can find all absences and notices over a school year.