eKool API


Acquisition of client oAuth 2.0 access data
To create a new client, you need to send an email to "help@ekool.eu" stating: 

  • the name of the institution or company;
  • name, surname, e-mail and telephone number of the responsible person;
  • the purpose of authorization usage;
  • redirect uri (for example, https://my.application.com/oauth2/callback ).

 After receiving the authorization data from the e-mail (client application identifier - client_id, associated password - client_secret and available scopes), you can make requests against the eKool authorization server - {{login_url}}/oauth/ .

  • client_id consists of 32 numbers and symbols (for example, “oaD43fvd3aCdf45dDsc428hMuY6T6trG”);
  • client_secret consists of 40 numbers and symbols (for example, “8yFFEvVq65ukVTWtDVRMjttM5nyRg0ErCBJnRSlb”);
  • scopes consists of words or a combination of words denoting data access rights (for example, “users-basic”).


Keep the client_id, associated secret, and scopes in a safe place.


More information can be found here - eKool API

If you have any questions or problems, please contact through contact.ekool.eu.