(Student) Request to the school for access to study information

If an eKool user has been added or you move to a new school, you will need to ask the school for access to your data. Student and parent requests are different, the same user cannot be both a student and a parent of the same student.

If a parent has more than one child attending the school, access to study information must be requested separately for each child. If the child attends more than one school (general and recreational), access to the data must be requested separately for each school.

Change of school year

School year change dose not require a new application for the role of student or parent if the child continues his or her studies at the same school. Your current role will continue in the new school year. An exception may be a transfer from middle school to high school, even if the child continues at the same school. If you no longer see the school role, send a request to the school.


How to submit an application: 

  1.  Make sure you have entered all the information in eKool. your contact address is required.
  2. Search the school
  3. Select joining as a student
  4. Fill in and submit the application 
  5. Wait until the school has confirmed it.

Applications can only be submitted via the online version of eKool.

You must have a parent or a student role to use eKool app.


Request to school for student role

After logging to eKool, fin the option for submitting an application:

  1. on the left side of your eKool page, click on the blue shortcut to Request access to student data; or
  2. the Requests icon in the top left corner. From the opened window, you can select Send request to school.
Taotlus koolile õpilase rolli saamiseks

If you don't already have a (student) role at one of the schools, you are advised to search for a school and apply on the homepage.

To access your learning information as a student, you must:

  1. Search for a school. To search for a school, simply enter part of the school name. The search engine will suggest by default which school matches your search.
  2. In the list, click on the name of the school you are studying at.
  3.  Select For students: access my school information, send request for access to your learning information to the school.
Taotlusel rolli valik

In the window that opens, there is a registration form where the fields for the student to send information to the school are already filled in and cannot be changed. If any corrections need to be made there, the request must be cancelled and the changes need to be made in My Profile.

Kasutaja profiil

Before clicking the Send request button, you must tick the I agree to share this information with school personnel box to indicate your agreement.

Nõustumine tingimustega

The submitted request will be sent to the school and will be added to the Requests window on your page, where you can follow its approval.

Once your request has been approved by the school, the name of the school will be added to your news page (link to school page) and you will see your assignments, grades, notifications. All the learning information for the study year will be displayed, including information that was added before your request was approved.

Õpilase lehel kooli leht


The student and the parent are always different users. You cannot be both a student and a parent with the same username. The child adds (the parent helps to add) his/her own e-mail address and submits a request to the school.