Family Premium

We want parents to be more involved in their child's learning at school. eKool can support this by improving school-home communication and adding channels to get information. There are parents who prefer emails, there are those who like to receive sms and there are parents whose main communication channel is app and push notifications. We have now bundled these additional options into the Family Premium.

In the Family Premium settings, you can specify where and to whom Absence patrol, Grade patrol or Upcoming test notifications are sent. Multiple recipients can be linked to each service - for example, you can send an e-mail notification to a grandparent who does not use eKool but whose grandchild is studying with them after school. There can be more than one recipient for the weekly report.

Family Premium subscriber is the package owner who manages the notifications sent by their Family Premium. All eKool users who are part of the package can see the statistics of the grades immediately and without any additional actions. Each member of the Family Premium can choose which information he or she wants to receive in the form of push notifications in their app. The rest of the settings are up to the subscriber.

Who benefits from Premium?

Joining eKool Family Premium, all other family persons get the access to the services, if they have connection with the child. The payer has the access to respective settings.


Good to know!

Although all family members have access, only the person who buys the package can change the settings.


The subscriber of the Family Premium determines to whom and for which service notifications are sent by SMS or e-mail. Each user can turn push notifications on and off from their app. All members of the package can see the grade statistics at any time and from any device.

Find out how to subscribe to the Family Premium, what it includes and if necessary, how to unsubscribe:

Family Premium services

Family Premium gives you extra options, makes using eKool more convenient by providing you with additional information and notifying you of new information:


The subscriber has the possibility to add as many phones and e-mail addresses to the list of recipients of notifications as the subscriber wishes. Phones receiving SMS do not need to be on the network of Estonian mobile operators, we send messages anywhere in Europe. 

Each subscriber to a Family Premium will see information about all their payments and notifications sent in their package in the logs.


Grade statistics in news feed and on the grade page: clicking on the Statistics icon behind a grade in the newsfeed will open a graph of the frequency of that particular grade; on the grading page, hover over the grade and open Statistics.

Analytics: part of the Family Pack, i.e. the frequency table of grades, is only visible to students and parents who are members of the Family Package. The statistics remain available free of charge for use by the principal and class teacher in the gallery on the student card and in the Analytics window.

Weekly report: the weekly summary of events sent by email brings together all the important information: a summary of absences; grades added or changed during the week; homework and tests due for the following week; notes added or changed during the week; notices; Board of Education decisions, praises and other orders. The report is designed to be informative and easy to read.

Absences patrol: Absences patrol is a notification service that sends a parent a message about the first unexplained absence of their child on that day. The Popipatricool is a service that sends notifications for the first day of a child's absence. Notifications are sent as push messages, email, eKool app and SMS.

Upcoming test notifications: the notification of Upcoming tests is a notification service that sends an automatic text message to the parent informing them of their child's test for the next two working days. The notifications are sent as push messages to eKool App, e-mail and SMS notifications.

Journal in the eKool app: for subscribers to the Family Package, the eKool app grade sheet is open on the jJournal page. Here you can see the grades by subject, click on a subject or grade to open more detailed information.


Ordering Family Premium

You can read more about the different ways to order a Family Premium in "Subscription to Family Premium".


Family Premium trial

For first-time Family Premium buyers, eKool offers the opportunity to try Family Premium for 7 days free. For more information on how to start the trial period see “Subscription to Family Premium trial” article. 


Canceling Family Premium

You can read more about cancelling a Family Premium subscription in "Cancelling Family Premium subscription".