New academic year, managing staff and administrators

On the school page, click on the “Resources” icon and a new window will be opened.

    2.    Under the “Staff” tab and “Invitation” menu, you need to look for the user under “Staff Invitations” or use the (plus) for inviting the staff.
    3.    Insert the teacher’s username (usually email) and invite them to be staff in the school. If such a user is found from eKool database, you will see his/her name on the screen and the username, where the invitation was sent.
    4.    The request is sent to the user and he/she must accept it.He/she needs to log in eKool, open the Requests window, and accept the invitation.
    5.    If a former teacher has no user in eKool yet, he/she should go throughout the user creation process. He/she will get an e-mail with the invitation link. After opening it, the teacher has to add personal and user account data.
    6.    You can always come back here and see if they have accepted the request or is it still pending or if they have denied it.
    7.    Selecting a person from the staff list you can manage their roles: Add Form master role or Management role etc. For Form-Master role you should additionally choose class and parallel identification.
    8.    Teacher’s role will be added after he/she is connected with the first journal as a teacher. The teacher gives a new role every school year.
    9.    To delete a user from staff open his/her card and click the “Remove from staff” link.
    10.    To invite a new Administrator to school the person already has to have a username and credentials in the system.
    11.    Under the “Staff” tab and “Invitation” menu, you need to look for the user under “Invite Administrator” or use the (plus) for inviting a new Administrator.
    12.    Insert the new Administrator First- or Lastname (not username/email) click “Search” or Enter and the list for matching results is displayed.
    13.    To send the invite you need to check the box and the invite message box is displayed. Fill in the invite message and click “Save”. Now the invite is sent to the new Administrator.
    14.    The user must accept the request first and only after then do they get the Administrator rights. New Administrator must do the following steps after they are invited to be an Administrator for a school:
    1.    Invites to be an Administrator will be available behind the “Request” icon. When there is a new request, the icon should have a red envelope.
    2.    Click on the “Request” icon and a new screen will be opened, there you will see the new request information.
    3.    You need to “Accept” the request to become an Administrator and after that, you can start doing Administrator tasks.
    4.    Or you can “Deny” the request.
    5.    When you close the screen from the (error), then the Invite will remain pending and you can come back here and Accept or Deny it later.