Absences and reports for Form-master

Form-masters work with absences in school. This tutorial shows form-master possibilities to handle absences.

  1. The main tool for absences is Absence journal. It is possible to find in My Classes section on the school’s page. The number on the journal’s icon shows unhandled absence notes from parents.
  2. After opening journal Form-master sees yellow mark behind student’s name with a number of unhandled notes for that student. Absences are displayed by day and lesson number. Each column represents a lesson per day. Absences with reason are green and absences without reason in red. Unhandled absences are marked with “?”.
  3. Click on the child’s name opens detail view, where Form-master can confirm absence note or discard it. While Form-master chooses to discard note, he/she can add an explanation.
  4. It is possible to add absence reason without parent note, form-master should click on link “+Add absence reason”. If absence reason engages more absences than one lesson, all lessons what are inside its time range will get the same reason.
  5. Another possibility to add absence reason is on the Classes page. Open class daily activities page and open Absences tab. Here is a possibility to add a reason.
  6. Absences reports could be opened in Reports window. Form-master should open sub-folder Absences.
    • Attendance report gives students absences overview and collects a number of absences with and without reason.
    • Attendance Type report gives an overview of absences by types (for example: how many absences were because the student was ill). Absence reasons classificatory is determined by each school accordant school rules.
    • Dropout Students report gives warning about students, who have been absent without reason more than school rules allow.
  7. All reports can be filtered by terms or collect for the whole school year.
  8. Lateness in marked with yellow in Absence Journal. It is possible to add reason to lateness too.