Reports about teachers’ work

Reports give an overview of information in eKool and help teacher and school management to do the right decisions. A teacher has four different reports about his/her works, the same reports are open to school management.

  1. Open the school page and select Reports. Short introduction page will be displayed, open group Teachers.
  2. Click on report name – Workload. Here you find monthly inserted and substituted lessons and have the possibility to order yearly summary about your lessons. These HTML files are saved to eKool and teacher or school management can open them about past years too.
  3. Lessons descriptions report gives at first list of teacher’s journals and calculates, how many lessons, assignments, and homework are added in each of them. Click on journal name opens a list of lesson descriptions, on the top is dashboard information: how many homework and assignments are in that journal and how quickly teacher inserts lessons – same day or some days earlier or later. The same report is possible to open about previous study years.
  4. If the teacher finishes his/her work with journals (for example course or study year is ended and all grades are final in journal), he/she can lock the journal. It is still in journals list, a teacher can open it, but adding lessons or change of grades is not possible. Report about Locked journals gives an overview of this process.
  5. Study year, which is ended could be archived by a school administrator. If this is done, the teacher can open his/her old journals opening Archive section and selecting Old journals. It is possible to search a journal by the teacher, subject, journal name. Each journal has saved in three HTML file: grid, lesson descriptions, homework.
  6. Journals from these study years, what are not archived yet, could be opened on school main page, opening Curricula section. A teacher has to select curricula and subject. For each subject, there are subject cards (study courses) and displays journals, which are connected with that subject card. It is possible to open these journals by clicking on them.