Getting access to the child’s information

  1. Log into the system
  2. Look for the school the child attends by clicking “Request access to student’s data” and look for the school (inserting school name)
  3. To request access choose the “For parents: access my child’s school information”
  4. Fill in the application, make sure the ID number for your child is correct and “send request”
  5. You can see the status of your application under “Requests”
  6. You can only access the child information after the school Administrator has accepted your application.
  7. On your page, you as the parent can see an overview of all your children’s news (grades, homework, tasks, notifications…)
  8. Each of your children has on page with information about that child and reports, tasks overview, study book, learning content, etc Here parents can see a child’s profile and documents.

Creating new user

To use eKool you first need to have a username and access to the system, also you need to have a proper role and access rights to the institution/ school you want to work with.

  • Go to the opening page and click “Create an account”
  • Choose the proper identification type. (Note: based on the country the identification options vary)
  • Fill in your personal data (name, id, address)
  • Fill your account data (email and password)
  • After the required information is correctly inserted click “Create account”
  • The account is created and a confirmation email sent to your specified email address. If the confirmation
  • Now you need to open your email inbox and use the instructions to Activate the account.
  • After that, you can log into the system. The second letter about successful user creation is sent to your email.