Curriculum determines the configuration of how subjects and grades are managed. Each student belongs to his/her curriculum and learns subjects and courses from that curriculum.

  1. Curricula is the last menu item on the school page. There you can see school curricula, some of them could be archived. Archived curriculum is possible to activate again. Each curriculum contains subjects and courses.
  2. To add a new curriculum, you should choose “New” from “Menu”. Add the curriculum name and a short description. Curriculum subjects can be divided into courses or study terms:
    If subjects are divided into courses, each course gets course grade in the end and annual grades are not allowed. It is possible to add a final grade for each subject based on all course grades
    If the subject is divided into terms, it is possible to add term grades and annual grade based on terms grades.
  3. Each curriculum is taught in certain forms, these have to mark. Is possible, that in the same form students have different curricula.
  4. In Estonia, it is possible to connect the curriculum with the State Curriculum. It could be useful to organize data export to state registers.
  5. Subjects which can use in curricula, have to be defined in Classificatory at first. Open Classificatory window, open menu item Subjects, add new subjects. Click link “Reorder” to change subjects order. This order is in use for sorting in Reports.
  6. Add subjects to Curriculum – click on “Add new subject” link; insert subject’s name, add a connection with a subjects list item, add a connection with State Curriculum subject. If there is a need to add graduation grade for that subject, is possible to set, who from teachers has right to add it and what graduation schema will be in use.
  7. Add subject cards. They could contain settings about one school-year or about one course. The main part is to determine graduation possibilities: what types of grades is possible to use in journals what base on that subject card and which grade schema is in use for each grade type. Grade types are: lesson grade; test grade; exam grade; term grade; annual grade; course grade; OtherAggrGrade (additional type for grades).
  8. Set teacher, who is responsible for that card. A teacher has the possibility to change this particular subject card.
  9. Overview about school curricula and settings is presented in Reports. Open Reports, open Curricula and report about subjects and subject cards by classes.
  10. To add a new journal administrator should open Schoolyear window and select tab “Journals”. + sign opens a form to add a new journal. Here administrator selects curriculum and subject card, which gives grading rules for this journal and sets curriculum connection for grades given in this journal. Add journal name and select a teacher. Las step is to select students who will learn this subject course with this teacher.
  11. If a teacher adds his/her own journal, he/she should select a curriculum and subject card too and insert journal name. Students are selected to the journal by picking them.
  12. If a teacher is responsible for the subject card, he/she see link “Edit” when opens the Curriculum section on the school’s page. Clicking that link opens subject card and teacher can change it.