Teacher’s workplan

Teacher’s work-plan helps to plan your work, use the same learning content in different journals or in different study years. If workplan is shared with colleagues, they can use the same content to teach their classes. Work-plans, what is in use in school journals, are visible to school management. It is possible to create workplans, what are public – accessible to all teachers in the country.

  1. To see, add and manage workplans click on the “Workplan/Materials” icon and the materials screen will be opened. Workplans are seen from the left menu.
  2. To add new workplan click on button “New workplan”. Is possible to add it from scratch, copy existing workplan (your own or shared with you), use public workplans or collect workplan from your journal.
  3. To edit existing workplan teacher can open it from list. Each workplan is divided to topics and sub-topics. Sub-topics can be used as lesson descriptions. They can contain homework. Each topic can contain tests.
  4. To add n new topics click a button at the end of the list. A teacher can add some information about each topic.
  5. A teacher can add as many sub-topics and tests as needed.
  6. It is possible to move sub-topics between topics and change their order (reorder topics or subtopics).
  7. To use workplan in the journal, the teacher has to establish a connection between journal and workplan. Each journal can be simultaneously connected only with one workplan, is possible to change connected workplan any time it needed.
  8. Each workplan can be shared with colleagues. Only the author can end this sharing.
  9. In the journal, workplan can be used to add lessons: open journal, select workplan’s button; select topic and subtopic. Selected subtopics description will be copied in the journal as lesson topics and description.
  10. A teacher can add tests described in workplan. While a teacher is adding a test, only tests will be displayed when he/she click on Workplan button.
  11. If the teacher adds homework, only homework items are in selection.

Working with materials

eKool has several alternatives to share materials. For example a teacher can add a materials to Journal (attachments to Assessments, homework view) or use the Materials environment.
1. To see and add materials click on the “Materials” icon and the materials screen will be opened.
2. Here you can add files using the button “Add files” on top. You need to choose the file and the target group(s) from the list (you have right to share files)
3. Teacher can add links to other pages instead of uploading file.
4. Files can also be shared thought journal. Teacher selects needed journal and clicks “Show workplan / Materials for this journal”
5. You can reuse a file from list under “Add from existing files” or downloading new file from your computer by “Add new file”
6. You can also add materials under Homework and Assessments, those files will not be seen under “Materials” sections.